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XTI Recoil Service

XTI Recoil Service

When pushrod is damaged underground, even the smallest kink or dent can make subsequent jobs more challenging, and sometimes unfeasible. Plus the chance of further coil impairment or damage to your camera head through water permeation is increased. In either circumstance it’s likely that it will cost your business time, money and maybe your reputation.   

Perhaps you’ve been cutting your coil down to get rid of damage or started with a short reel and are losing out on longer push jobs? Let us provide you with a cost effective way of extending the life of your drainage camera system.

Pushrod in 30 to 90 meter lengths
XTI's pushrod for drain camera reels

Our skilled team can recoil your reel using XTI’s superior quality pushrod, which comes in 4 different diameters and any length between 30 and 90 meters. It can be carried our utilising your existing head or an XTI replacement camera can be fitted at the same time. XTI’s pushrod is compatible with the majority of reels and cameras produced by popular brands, such as Crusade, Mini-Cam and Scanprobe. Read more about the pushrod and its specifications.

Our service includes courier collection, delivery and we always aim to complete the work within 24 hours of receiving the reel – we pride ourselves on a fast turnaround for all equipment upgrades and drain camera repairs.  

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