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XTI’s pushrod is cited as being the best in the business by a number of our regular customers, and as of January 2019 we’ve upgraded the specification to make it even better.


Our experienced technicians and engineers were sure that the transmission of data down our rod could be even more precise and have further clarity. That’s what they have been working on for a number of months.

Drain camera reel pushrod

XTI’s pushrod comes in any length between 30 and 90 meters and in the following diameters –

  • 5mm
  • 12mm
  • 15mm

Running out of pushrod on your reel? Let us recoil it for you. XTI’s pushrod is also compatible with a number of other brand’s products.

Noise Resistance

Electronics in the vicinity, including your sonde and camera lighting, have the tendency to generate interference down the coil. XTI has been working tirelessly to make its pushrod impervious to an electronically noisy environment.

A Resilience to Distance

The further the push, the more likely it will be that the quality of data will reduce. However, XTI’s new breed of rod transmits impeccably, even on a 90m pushrod, which can be found on the XT2500 Reel.

The Outcome?

Simply put, you get an enhanced picture on your monitor, you can see any issues more distinctly and you can do your job better.

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