Drain Camera Equipment and Repairs


Drain Camera Equipment Upgrades

Purchasing a complete new system isn’t always possible, and neither is it necessary much of the time. We will be sure to advise you on the best procurement option for your needs and help you get the most out of your current equipment, whether that means a new piece of drain camera equipment is the route to take for the best value or that our experienced engineers can repair your kit.

The majority of XTI’s products have been designed to be compatible with other brands’ equipment, so don’t worry if you have a Scanprobe reel, a Mini-Cam Control Unit or Crusade camera head, we’ll ensure your system works end-to-end.

Upgrades on drain camera equipment by XTI

Pushrod Recoil

Have you checked your pushrod for damage recently? Not only will an impaired coil make it harder for you to push your drainage camera, it will also increase the risk of damage to it. Whether you want to avoid this possibility of further cost to your business, or are running low on coil, let us recoil your reel – and it doesn’t have to be a XTI reel.

Learn more about our recoil service here.

Pushrod in 30 to 90 meter lengths


Make sure you're getting the most out of your control unit and have a new MPEG facility installed. Use 72 hours of recording time on the 120Gb SSD and also record to USB so your clients can have a copy of the survey.

Read more about having an MPEG upgrade.

Monitor Upgrade

View your survey on screen in any weather with a high-brightness monitor. Our 10" screen can be fitted to a number of other manufacturers' control units.

Click here to view the control unit monitor specifications.

Camera Head

Is your head failing or not transmitting the quality of picture you require? If you currently use XTI rod or another brand, we can re-terminate it with a technologically advanced XTI camera.

Learn more about our different size camera heads.


Has your sonde recently let you down when you needed it most? We can fit the XTI Sonde to all 12mm and 15mm pushrod, allowing you to locate your camera head using a standard 33kHz CAT.

Click here for more information about the XTI sonde.

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High-brightness Monitor
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