Drain Camera Equipment and Repairs

XT220 Drain Camera Control Unit

Designed to be effortlessly manageable on site and in the office, this control unit’s high-brightness monitor also means you can view quality images in all weather conditions.


Snap shut the XT220’s robust case and head to your next location in seconds. If you don’t have access to mains power, simply plug it into your vehicle or take advantage of the 5 hour battery life.

Your MPEG video is recorded directly to the internal solid state hard drive as well as USB memory stick, making it simple to pass the footage to your client in situ. What’s more, the pause function allows annotations to be added using the 28 page text editor and internal keyboard, and the ‘snapshot’ feature takes photos of your survey.

Enjoy the high-brightness monitor, snapshot feature and MPEG in XTI's drainage camera control unit


Size:  14” / 36cm (height) - 12” / 31cm (width) / 8” / 20cm (depth) 

Weight:  7.5 kg                                          

Power:  Mains / 12V vehicle / 12V lithium polymer battery 

Battery life:  5 hours                            

Memory:  120Gb solid state hard drive and USB memory stick

Monitor:  10" / 25cm high-brightness TFT LCD

Integral keyboard:  Yes  

Still image capture:  Yes

Annotation facility:  Yes

Reel compatible:  XTI, Xtek and Crusade (other manufacturers subject to modification)                                                              

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