The XT2500 is what you need for heavy duty, long push work in 6” to 12” pipes.

Supplied with the reel are 4” and 6” skids as well as a 9” roller skid, and there is an option of 80 or 90m pushrod of 15mm diameter. Compatible with XTI and Xtek control units, the system has a 50mm camera, and we’d recommend adding the XTI Sonde that transmits a 33kHz radio frequency so you never lose your head again.


Size:  37” / 94cm (height) -  34” / 87cm (width) - 22” / 56cm (depth)

Weight:  40 kg                                          

Reel length:  80m or 90m   

On screen meterage:  Yes                                     

Camera head:  50mm

Lens type: Sapphire lens            

Pushrod diameter:  15mm                         

Skids:  4" / 10cm, 6" / 15cm and 9" / 20cm roller skid                   

Suitable for pipe diameter:  4” / 100mm - 12" / 300mm         

Lighting:  24 x High Intensity LED                                          

Sonde:  Optional  

Control Unit compatible:  XTI, Xtek, Scanprobe, Minicam, Crusade and CamScan                                                                       


  • Robust powder coated steel frame
  • Heavy duty pneumatic tyres
  • Easy to manoeuvre across difficult ground conditions
  • Self-lubricating shaft bearings
  • Built-in digital meterage

Camera head

  • Rugged stainless steel construction
  • Self-levelling
  • High resolution camera module
  • Integrated rampable LED light source

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