Three recoil and sonde fittings on Minicam reelsThis week the XTI team has been busy upgrading a few Minicam reels. We turned around these reels in a day, fitting 60m of 12mm pushrod, complete with sondes. Get in touch if your Minicam, Scanprobe or Crusade reel needs an upgrade or recoil – we can use your existing head, or fit an XTI camera head.



Upgrading an XT202Also this older model XT202 box has been in for some TLC this week for a bit of an upgrade. If you’ve got an old control unit – again, it could be Minicam, Scanprobe or Crusade – we offer upgrades on:


Contact us for details on 0161 652 1393 or email


A Busy Week For Minicam Reel Upgrades
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